ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 03/29/2012)

Our first game for the night was between two of our tournament's heavy-hitters, "X-men" and "All-day". All-day started the night with their signature fast paced play, outpacing X-men to take an early 8 point lead in the 1st quarter. The rest of the 3 quarters belonged to the X-men. The X-men adjusted their defense and shut down All-day, forcing 20 turnovers to X-men's 4 turnovers. After All-day's 22 point 1st quarter, they only scored 25 points in the next 3 quarters. Your final score, 63-47 in favor of the X-men.

Our second game is a continuation of an unfinished game between struggling "Chuuk State" and Pool leader "Soup-A-Stars". The game started with 40 seconds left in the third quarter with Chuuk State holding on to a 13 point lead. Soup-A-Stars came right out of the gates on fire. Draining multiple threes and owning the boards. Chuuk State was simply undersized, outhustled and outplayed. The final score, 87-85, Soup-A-Stars with the come from behind victory.

The final game of the night was another continuation game between the defending champs, "Bang Bang" and Pool rival "Namdrik". Bang Bang had a 3 point lead with 0.7 seconds left on the clock. #9 had 2 clutch free-throws, he drained 1 to stretch their lead to 4. The second attempt missed, and after a fight for the rebound #22 from Namdrik came up with the ball and raced to attempt a prayer 3. Unfortunately for Namdrik, he was unable to get the ball up in time due to Bang Bang's swarm defense. Your final score, 68-64 in favor of Bang Bang.


1. All-day vs. X-men. (Stats for this game do not include the first quarter).

2. Chuuk State vs. Soup-A-Stars. Soup-A-Stars win 87-85. (Stats unavailable).

3. Namdrik vs. Bang Bang. Bang Bang win 68-64.(Stats unavailable).

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 03/27/2012)

The first game tonight was between "Yolyak" and "Pohnpei", two teams in need of a win. It was turning into a blow-out win for Pohnpei, at one point they led by as much as 15 points. But Yolak came back in the final quarter to erase Pohpei's double-digit lead and closed the gap to within 1 point. Yolyak's late heroics was not enough however, they fell to Pohnpei, 61-60.

Key players:
- #6 Kelly: 16pts; 10rbs; 1ast; 1stl; 2blks; 3tovs; 1fl, while shooting 63%.
- #15 Cameron: 8pts; 6rbs; 1stl; 3tovs; while shooting 57%.

Yolyak :
- #0: 7pts; 8rbs; 2asts; 1stl; 3blks; 2tovs; 1fl, while shooting 50%.
- #7: 25pts; 6rbs; 1ast; 1stl; 1blk; 2tovs; 1fl, while shooting 45% from the field.


Game 2 was between tournament powerhouse, "K-1" and newcomer "691", a team still searching for their first win. This game turned into an early rout, with K1 dominating their opponent. K1's suffocating defense limited 691 to only 5 points in the first quarter. Tempers flared and flagrant fouls were issued to both teams. The second half had K1's starters rested and their bench out to play. Your final score: 61-35 with K1 as the victor.

Key Players:

- #3 Kumz: 8pts; 3rbs; 2asts; 4stls; 4tovs; 2fls.
- #10 Jeff: 12pts; 4asts; 3tovs; 4fls, and shooting 57% from the field.

- #3 Nando: 14pts; 4rbs; 2asts; 2stls. He shot 70% from the free-throw line, 7/10.
- #1 Nana: 13pts; 4rbs; 2stls; 3tovs, while shooting 67%.



1. Pohnpei vs. Yolyak. (Stats for this game are from the 2nd quarter to the 4th quarter. We apologize).

2. K1 vs. 691.


ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (for 03/22/2012)

Our first game was between two teams trying to secure their first win, "Palau" vs. "Islanders". Team Palau was dominant in the first half, and continued their strong play into the third quarter. They held a hefty double digit lead over the struggling Islanders. However, the Islanders changed the pace of the game closing the gap to within 5 points in the fourth quarter. But, the weary Islanders couldn't capitalize on important free throws and fell to Palau, 62-70.

Game two in our double-header featured the defending champions, "Bang Bang" against Pool rival "Namdrik". Both teams are undefeated and were playing for the top spot in "Pool A". As expected the game was intense, with multiple lead changes of no more than 5 points. Heading into the 4th quarter, team Bang Bang exploded and outpaced Namdrik to open up a double-digit lead. However, number 22 of Namdrik would not go out quietly, draining multiple 3's and back to back fast break points to keep the game close. Namdrik erased Bang Bang's lead to only 3 points, with 7 seconds left on the clock. Game will be continued at a soon to be announced date.

 Full Stats:

1. Islanders vs. Palau. (Stats unavailable, Palau wins 70-62).

2. Bang Bang vs. Namdrik. (GAME POSTPONED. 00:07 seconds left to play)

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (As of 03/21/2012)

Tonight's game featured undefeated, "Soup-A-Stars" going up against Pool rival, "Uai-sei". After some tough losses early in this tournament, Uai-sei has proven itself a contender with recent blow-out wins. They had to prove themselves tonight as they challenged one of the tourney's best, Soup-A-Stars. As expected, the game was intense with both teams playing tough. Uaisei stayed in the game with their 3's, shooting 35% but it wasn't enough to upend the Soup-A-Stars 52% overall field goal and their dynamic duo, in #12 and #23. The score stayed close down to the final whistle with Soup-A-Stars securing the win, 75-73.



#12: 12pts; 11rbs; 8asts; 2stls; 2tovs.

#23: 19pts; 10rbs; 1stl; 4blks; 3tovs.


#3: 18Pts; 2rbs; 1ast; 1stl; 2blks; 3tovs.

#23: 13pts; 2rbs; 4asts; 5stls; 1tov.

Full Stats:

1. Soup-A-Stars vs. Uai-sei.

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 03/20/2012)

Tonight's games were a pair of mismatches. Our first game was between "Unak in Bako" and "Yolyak". Yolyak put up a good struggle, but Unak in Bako's fast paced and even scoring contribution proved too much for them. The final score, 67-41 in favor of Unak in Bako.

Game 2 was between "691" and "X-men". 691 showed grit and determination but the towers of X-men dominated them throughout the game. The X-men showed great ball movement and their bigs took care of the boards. The final score, a lopsided 83-47 in favor of the X-men.

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (As of 03/17/2012)

Last night's games featured a comeback by the Islanders, with a performance by their bigs to close a double digit deficit to within 2 points. However they weren't able to capitalize on key free-throws late in the game, falling to Namdrik 44-41.

The second game was between "Pohnpei" and "Unak In Bako". It was an even game until the second half, when Pohnpei suffered foul troubles with their front-court players. Unak In Bako capitalized, and finished strong to come away with a double digit win, 57-46.


Click link for full stats:

1. Islanders vs. Namdrik.

2. Pohnpei vs. Unak In Bako.


ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For: 03/15/2012)

Tonight's games had "Salt Lake" vs. "Yolyak" with Yolyak winning by way of forfeit. Salt Lake arrived 30 minutes late. This marks Salt Lake's first loss of the tournament.

Our second game was between "All-Day" and "691". All-Day had an easy win, opening the first quarter with a 21-0 burst. 691 was able to close the gap to within 12 points but could not get any closer, falling 51-69.

For full stats, please click links:

1. "Yolyak" wins over "Salt Lake" by way of forfeit.

2. "All-Day" vs. "691".

ALL-MIKE Men's Basketball Statistics. (For games on 03-13-12)

Tonight's games were tightly contested. Game 1 was between K-1 of Kosrae and ALL-DAY of Chuuk. The game got testy with technical fouls being issued to multiple players. With numerous lead changes throughout the 3 quarters, K-1 gained the advantage with a 4 point lead going into the 4th quarter. They didn't relinquish that lead, finishing the game with a 48 - 45 victory. All-day had a chance to tie with a 3 pointer in the final 20 seconds, but threw up an air-ball at the final whistle.

Game 2 featured a great comeback by Palau, battling a 16 point deficit in the early 3rd quarter to close the gap to within 1. They had a number of opportunities to take the lead but fell to Namdrik, 41 - 44 the final score.

( click the links to see stats)

1. K-1 (KSA) vs. ALL-DAY (CHK).


Violence Address: FSM citizens in Guam will Meet President Emanuel Mori on March 11, 2012

On Sunday, March 11, 2012, FSM citizens residing in Guam will meet with FSM President Emanuel Mori to discuss the ongoing problems at the Astumbo Gym at 4:00 P.M. 

The news of a murder case which involved FSM citizens called the attention of the nation's leader. The meeting will discuss the community's issues. 


This information was taken from the Guam Pacific Daily News' Website.

Hawaii Capital Hearing: COFA Issue, October 6,2011

Taken from a sent e-mail:




Thursday, October 06, 2011


10:30 a.m.


Conference Room 329

State Capitol

415 South Beretania Street



The purpose of  this informational briefing is to review human services issues relating to the Micronesian community in Hawaii, the history of the Federal Compact, and the state costs of providing human services to the Micronesian community and the federal reimbursement to the state.


At the conclusion of the briefing, the Chair of the House Human Services Committee will highlight the agreed upon solutions proposed to better address adequate reimbursement of human services' costs of COMPACT citizens in Hawaii.


The following organizations or individuals have been invited to participate in this briefing:


Hawaii's U.S. Congressional Delegates or their representatives

Department of Human Services

Representative of Liberty Dialysis & Fresenius Medical Center (Both agencies have merged and offer dialysis treatment statewide)

U.S. Officials with Federal Hospitals or Medical Centers in Hawaii



Victor Geminiani, J.D., Director, Lawyers For Equal Justice

Neal Palafox, M.D., Professor, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Seiji Yamada, M.D., Professor, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Dina Shek, J.D., Director, Medical-Legal Partnership for Children in Hawaii

Noda Lojkar, Consul General, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Henry Shrew, Acting Consul General, Federated States of Micronesia

Wilfred C. Alik, M.D., Chair Micronesian Health Advisory Coalition


Individuals under the COMPACT

Agencies and faith based organizations which receive state funding for COMPACT citizens.


If you require special assistance or auxiliary aids and/or services to participate in the informational briefing  (i.e., sign language interpreter or wheelchair accessibility), please contact the Committee Clerk at 586-6050 to make a request for arrangements at least 24 hours prior to the briefing.  Prompt requests help to ensure the availability of qualified individuals and appropriate accommodations.


For further information, please call the Committee Clerk at 586-6050.


Only testimony from people on the testifiers list will be accepted.


Persons on the testifiers list wishing to offer comments should submit testimony at least 24 hours prior to the hearing with a transmittal cover indicating:


·    Testifier's name with position/title and organization;

·    The Committee the comments are directed to;

·    The date and time of the hearing;

·    Measure number; and

·    The number of copies the Committee is requesting. 


While every effort will be made to copy, organize, and collate all testimony received, materials received on the day of the hearing or improperly identified or directed to the incorrect office, may be distributed to the Committee after the hearing.


Submit testimony in ONE of the following ways:

PAPER: One copy (including an original) to Room 315 in the State Capitol;

FAX:     For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to 586-8524 (Oahu) or 1-800-535-3859 (Neighbor Islands); or

EMAIL: For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to


Testimony submitted will be placed on the Legislative Web site after the hearing adjourns.  This public posting of testimony on the Web site should be considered when including personal information in your testimony.




Pacific Emerging Environmental Leaders' Symposium to be held in Apia, Samoa‏

Click to view full image

SPREP: The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme.

PEEL: Pacific Emerging Environment Leaders

Location: Apia, Samoa

Date: October 15-21 2011.

Application Deadline: September 5, 2011. Download application.

Description: This is a 5 day event in Apia, Samoa. This event is geared towards the youth, ages 20-35. It promotes environmental awareness, specifically environmental improvement.

For additional information please visit the SPREP website.


School on the Hill Exhibit

Floyd TakeuchiLocation: University of Hawaii at Manoa; East West Center; Burns Hall, third floor.

Date: throughout the semester; week days 9am to 5pm. Contact East West Center for more information.

Description: Photo exhibit featuring phots from the book, "School on the Hill" by Floyd Takeuchi. A look into Micronesia's Xavier High School. 

For more information visit Mr. Takeuchi's website: Floyd Takeuchi Website.

To learn more about Mr. Takeuchi, please watch our interview: TFB interviews, writer-photographer, Floyd Takeuchi.


All-Mike Pride Banquet

Date/Time: 5:00pm Saturday, September 10, 2011

Location: Neal Blaisdell Pikake Ballroom (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Fee: $20.00. Includes dinner and Micronesian Bands.

Purpose: "Raise awareness about issues pertinent to the Micronesian community and to network and hopefully motivate them to take a stance on such matters and causes important to our people."

For more information please visit the: All-Mike Facebook Page