ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 03/27/2012)

The first game tonight was between "Yolyak" and "Pohnpei", two teams in need of a win. It was turning into a blow-out win for Pohnpei, at one point they led by as much as 15 points. But Yolak came back in the final quarter to erase Pohpei's double-digit lead and closed the gap to within 1 point. Yolyak's late heroics was not enough however, they fell to Pohnpei, 61-60.

Key players:
- #6 Kelly: 16pts; 10rbs; 1ast; 1stl; 2blks; 3tovs; 1fl, while shooting 63%.
- #15 Cameron: 8pts; 6rbs; 1stl; 3tovs; while shooting 57%.

Yolyak :
- #0: 7pts; 8rbs; 2asts; 1stl; 3blks; 2tovs; 1fl, while shooting 50%.
- #7: 25pts; 6rbs; 1ast; 1stl; 1blk; 2tovs; 1fl, while shooting 45% from the field.


Game 2 was between tournament powerhouse, "K-1" and newcomer "691", a team still searching for their first win. This game turned into an early rout, with K1 dominating their opponent. K1's suffocating defense limited 691 to only 5 points in the first quarter. Tempers flared and flagrant fouls were issued to both teams. The second half had K1's starters rested and their bench out to play. Your final score: 61-35 with K1 as the victor.

Key Players:

- #3 Kumz: 8pts; 3rbs; 2asts; 4stls; 4tovs; 2fls.
- #10 Jeff: 12pts; 4asts; 3tovs; 4fls, and shooting 57% from the field.

- #3 Nando: 14pts; 4rbs; 2asts; 2stls. He shot 70% from the free-throw line, 7/10.
- #1 Nana: 13pts; 4rbs; 2stls; 3tovs, while shooting 67%.



1. Pohnpei vs. Yolyak. (Stats for this game are from the 2nd quarter to the 4th quarter. We apologize).

2. K1 vs. 691.