ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 04/23/2012)


In a series of events, X-men has been removed from the All-Mike Tournament, per their request. This has set-up a shift in the standings that had runner-ups Salt Lake and Namdrik play for a chance to compete against Soup-A-Stars for the Championship game this Saturday. The eventual loser will play "K1" for the bronze position. K1 has moved up in the standings to represent "Pool C", X-Men's Pool.

To recap, Salt Lake will play Soup-A-Stars for the Gold & Silver positions. K1 and Namdrik will play for bronze.


1. Salt Lake vs. Namdrik.

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 04/14/2012)


Soup-A-Stars end Chuuk State's bid for a repeat at silver with a 90-78 Soup-A-Stars win! Size overcame speed this night, with Soup-A-Star's big men dismantling Chuuk State's speed. The game got out of hand quickly, with Soup-A-Stars opening the game with a double digit lead. Chuuk's savior last year, #1 Ricky, led a 3rd quarter comeback, shooting 3 triples to trim Soup-A-Stars lead to 1. That was the closest they got all night. #23 Kuldip and #12 Alex of Soup-A-Stars ended Chuuk State's hopes as they clamped down on defense and amped up their offense. With this win, Soup-A-Stars earn a spot in the final four. Their next apponent, Salt Lake.


Game 2 of the night could very well be the game of the year, so far. The underdogs Namdrik, came to play against heavy favorite and defending All-Mike champions, Bang Bang. Our first quarter left fans shocked, as Namdrik amassed an offensive attack that turned into a 20-9 lead. Bang Bang's offense came alive in the second half, taking a small lead and reviving their fans. The rest of the game saw multiple lead changes and ties. Fans were on their feet and the atmosphere was electrifying. Under 30 seconds left in the game, Bang Bang goes for the lead and misses on a golden opportunity. 57-57, Namdrik plays the ball, after a miss to take the lead with 10 seconds left on the clock #22 Mitham of Namdrik grabs a miracle offensive rebound. Bang Bang's defense collapsed on him as he struggled to secure the ball, and with 5 seconds left on the clock #22 throws a prayer shot that put Namdrik up by 2 points. 3 seconds left in the game, Bang Bang lobs a Hail Mary 3 from half court that does not get answered. Your final score: 59-57, your victor, Namdrik. They advance to the final four to face the X-Men.


Full Stats:

1. Soup-A-Stars vs. Chuuk State.

2. Namdrik vs. Bang Bang.

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 04/10/2012)

Game 1 in our continuation for All-Mike glory was between "Chuuk State" and "Uaisei". Earlier in the season, Uaisei defeated Chuuk State with the help of their high flying center. Tonight's game however, Uaisei had to deal with the resilient Chuuk State team without the services of their big man. Tonight we saw a different Chuuk State team, not indicative of their 1 win 3 losses season. They shot with relative ease seemingly from everywhere on the floor, thanks to their precision passes (26 assists). The game was getting out of reach for Uaisei early in the game, succumbing to a 20 point lead by Chuuk State. But, the second half had Uaisei storming back. They ran the floor and were shooting with a purpose (52% team field goal percentage). The game changer? Free-throws. Uaisei was unable to capitalize with their free-throws, missing 9 of 18 (50%) in the second half. Your final score, 97-86, Chuuk State.


- #15 Jonathan Lee: 28pts, 2rbs, 2asts.
- #23 Jordan Ilban: 22pts, 5rbs, 6asts, 2stls, while shooting 75% (9/12).

Chuuk State:
- #24 Hefner Betiru: 25pts, 8rbs, 4asts, 4stls. 9/14 from the field (64%).
- #23 Jordan Omwere: 31pts, 9rbs, 5asts, 6stls. 50% shooting, (12/24).


Game 2 of tonight's playoff games had top seed "Soup-A-Stars" battling "Mohaks" for a chance to play Chuuk State. The struggling Mohaks came into the building thinking upset. They fired a barrage of 3's, (26 attempts) but only connected on 2 (8% from 3). Soup-A-Stars went to work on the boards, collecting 53 rebounds to Mohaks 37.  #23 of Soup-A-Stars had a stellar night, collecting 16 rebounds and 16 points (6/10) while playing only in the first 2 quarters. Your final score, 61-33, Soup-A-Stars. This sets up the stage for a rematch between Chuuk State and Soup-A-Stars, where Soup-A-Stars came away with a 2 point come from behind victory after being down by 13 in the 4th quarter.


- #0 Mackson: 17pts, 6rbs, 1stl.
- #7 Andy: 4pts, 12rbs, 1stl.

- #23 Kuldip Shergill: 16pts, 16rbs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk. 60% from the field 6/10.
- #9 Jack Kun: 15pts, 8rbs, 2asts, 1stl.

Game 1 & 2

Interview, Kuldip Shergill of Soup-A-Stars

Full Stats:

1. Chuuk State vs. Uaisei.

2. Soup-A-Stars vs. Mohaks.

ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 04/07/2012)

Our first playoff game for the evening was between Pool leader "X-men" and bottom seed "691". As expected, the game got chippy with both teams fighting hard to advance. Struggling 691 fought hard to keep pace with X-men, but, the stifling defense and length of the X-men players were too much for the undersized 691. X-men collected 7 blocks to 691's 0. X-men dominated the boards too, collecting 38 rebounds to 691's 20. And the most important stat of all, 63-31 in favor of the X-Men. 

KEY PLAYERS (stats for this game is missing 1st quarter):

- #3 Kumz Kumos: 5pts, 5rbs, 1ast, 4stls.
- #10 Jeff Williams: 4pts, 3rbs, 1ast, 1stl.

- #32 Kyle Koffman: 8pts, 10rbs, 2asts, 2stls, 2blks, while shooting 80% from the field (4/5).
- #23 Robert Donley: 7pts, 8rbs, 1ast, 2stls, 3blks, he shot 75% from the line (3/4).


Game 2 for the evening was between Pool rivals "All-Day" and "K1". This was a rematch of a heavily contested game earlier in the season that saw K1 winning by a close margin. Tonight's game was going in K1's favor, with them holding a lead by as much as 16. All-day clamped down on defense in the second half to trim the margin to within 6 points in the 4th quarter, with about 4 minutes left in the game. The game changer, free-throws. All-day was unable to capitalize on free-throws, missing 17 of 32 attempts. K1 was also controlling the boards, with 50 rebounds to All-day's 24. The final score in the game: 70-62, with K1 going away as the victor.


- #9 TM Tatasi: 20pts, 3rbs, 2asts, 1stl, while shooting 60% from the field (9/15).
- #21 Tonka Williams: 20pts, 9rbs, 2stls, and shooting 50% (7/14).

- #79 Terrence Kibby: 21pts, 13rbs, 5asts, 8stls, 50% shooting (8/16).
- #11 Freddy Kibby: 9pts, 10rbs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk.



1. 691 vs. X-Men. (Stats for this game do not include the 1st quarter).

2. All-Day vs. K1.


ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 04/03/2012)

Tonight's games mark the start of the playoffs. We open our double-header with "Bang-Bang" vs. "Islanders". Bang-Bang stages their run at back-to-back titles, and they started with a BANG! They unraveled the Islanders with their dizzying offense, running the court and sharing the ball well. They cruised to a 108-58 win.

Video streaming by Ustream


- J. Nethon (34): 13pts, 4rbs, 1ast, 2stls, 1blk.
- Atiwa Nick (17): 11pts, 2rbs, 1stl, and shot 50% from the field.

- Timmy Tolenoa (2): 18pts, 12rbs, 2asts, 2stls, 75% shooting (9/13).
- Dio Taulung: 24pts, 12rbs, 4asts, 4stls and shot 50%.


Game 2 of our double-header was between "Namdrik" and "Palau". This game could easily be the game of the year. After being down for most of the game, Namdrik organized a comeback in the final quarter to tie up the score, 59-59. Both teams had a try at the final seconds to take the game but were unable to capitalize, resulting in our first overtime game of the playoffs. After scoring steadily throughout the game both teams were unable to make baskets during extra play, due in part to the exceptional defense being played by both sides. The game changer were free-throws, specifically Namdrik's free-throws, missing only 4 out of their 24 free-throw attempts in the final 15 minutes of the game. Honorable mention, #11 of Namdrik who drained 12 of his 16 free-throw attempts (75%). His ice-cold play at the stripe sealed the game for Namdrik. Final score: 65-63 (OT), in favor of Namdrik. They now move on to face defending champs Bang Bang, in a rematch of their close game last month.

Video streaming by Ustream

Key Players:

- Ray Watson (24): 18pts, 8rbs, 1ast, 3stls, 2blks. 70% field goal (7/10).
- Brooks Basilius (7): 12pts, 4rbs, 3asts, 1stl, 1blk. 56% shooting (5/9).

- Mitham Clement (22): 22pts, 10rbs, 1ast, 1stl, 9/15 from the free-throw line.
- Erick Pedro (7): 12pts, 21rbs, 4asts, 5stls, 2blks.
- Nick Lang (11): 18pts, 2rbs, 2asts, 2stls, shot 12/16 from the free-throw line, (75%).


1. Bang-Bang vs. Islanders.

2. Namdrik vs. Palau.