The FSM has proposed a bill to amend Article 3 Section 3 of their constitution. This would allow FSM citizens to, "retain or obtain citizenship of another state".

Trump's isolationist or nationalist approach to the presidency along with his campaign slogan of, "Make America Great Again", harkens back to a tumultuous time in world history. A time of extreme nationalism, poverty, and World War. It was in that time that the islands of Micronesia entered the chapters of world history.

Recently, a TFB member almost became the victim of a catfishing attempt. The culprit created a fake Facebook account using a picture and name of a relative

Micronesian Blues - the unbelievably entertaining stories of former TTPI “police specialist” Bryan Vila. This highly enjoyable book jumps from one island adventure to another, feeling almost fictional that one individual could’ve witnessed a number of pivotal historical events in just 6 years.

"Micronesian Blues", the amazing stories of "police specialist" Brian Vila during TTPI times is in talks to be turned into a TV show starring Patrick Dempsey.

[POLL] Should the Marshall Islands adopt Kiribati's "Migration with Dignity" to prepare citizens for climate change migration?

A dozen students from across Micronesia will enroll in prestigious private schools this fall with the help of Habele tuition scholarships.

This is a public, anonymous, non-scientific poll intended to gauge public perception on controversial topics.

In this part of our series we look at a more simplified approach to gauge Chuuk's readiness. We take a few steps back and ask the citizens of Chuuk a simple question: "Are you ready for an independent Chuuk?".

merica’s Department of State should replace the Department of the Interior (DOI) as the primary US agency responsible for relations with Micronesia....

This week, four hand carved sailing canoes landed on Guam, completing a five-day voyage across the open ocean from Yap State...

We had the privilege of connecting with Yvonne Neth, an educational activist and talented artist...

TFB had the opportunity for a quick interview with Palauan entrepreneur, politician, and Presidential nominee  Surangel Whipps Jr. Whipps talks about his campaign,  Palau's tourism industry, the drought in Palau, and more.

We had the honor of interviewing the honorable Tony de Brum of the Marshall Islands. Mr. de Brum has been an instrumental figure in the politics of the Marshall Islands. He has also championed global climate talks and nuclear disarmament.