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Masters of the Currents, by TeAda Productions, is a play that manages to tell the experiences of Micronesians living in Hawaii. It is an ambitious idea, but one that I think was successful...

From 2005 to 2012, REPAC has shipped four containers of donated school and medical supplies to Chuuk. Two of which reached Chuuk without complications. The other two containers have basically disappeared...

Three students from Yap represented the Federated States of Micronesia at an international robotics competition in Washington DC this summer. One of nearly two hundred national and regional teams competing, the Micronesian students bested seasoned squads from developed nations including the United States and France...

What does Chuuk have to offer to negotiate its own compact with the United States?

Guam offered 1/3 of their island. RMI negotiated Kwajalein and a history of nuclear tests. Saipan gave up Tinian, Pagan, and Farallon de Medinilla. Palau serves as a jumping off point into Asia as the westernmost country under a compact agreement. FSM, as a four state country offers the largest strategic denial for the US military...

TFB interviews, Paul Hadik, the acting president and CEO of PREL. The conversations focuses on Chuuk's education.

"Invest in alternative airlines so as to boost competition. This will in turn benefit us with cheaper prices and better services. If the airlines see that there is a demand they may add more flight times..."

(Hawaii, USA) - The University of Hawaii's, Center on the Family, published a report that shows a decrease in homeless services usage by Micronesian/COFA migrants for 2016.

A dozen Micronesian students are headed to prestigious private schools this fall, thanks to Habele K-12 tuition scholarships. These students will attend the independent school of their family’s choosing...

The Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is cautioning job-seekers to not take employment opportunities from the Chuuk State Hospital.

"I am leaving because the Chuuk Department of Education is actively stopping the education of children. The Department that is supposed to support schools is stripping schools of resources..."

Elaborate cultural dances and seafaring canoes have made the Micronesian Islands of Yap famous, but this month it was the ultra-advanced Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills of local students on display.

The famously traditional Island of Stone Money is sending top students to a high tech global robotics competition.

TFB Micronesia had the opportunity to ask former FSM President, John Haglelgam, some questions. He answered questions about his experiences working for a nascent Micronesian government, his thoughts on Dual Citizenship, and the future of the FSM. (Editors note: We had intended for this to come out before the elections/vote and apologize for not getting this published sooner.)

Who is Micronesia's person of the year for 2016?