The Fourth Branch Mission

Who we are:

  • We aim to influence the populace to infer collected information with the hopes of informing and involving citizens in their respective states.
  • We believe that The Fourth Branch is “us”, the people. It is the responsibility of the people to check the legislative, the judicial and the executive branches of government and to hold them accountable.


  • Bodies of organizations and individual persons that hold significance in respective communities/districts. (Examples: cultural figures, religious heads, educators, politicians, entertainers and businesses).
  • Anyone that plays or has played a pivotal role in the growth, development or degradation of our communities.
  • Topics and issues that has affected, do affect and may affect our communities. (Examples: the environment, migration, the economy, politics, religions, and cultures).

What we do:

  • Collect information on subjects that are important to communities.
  • Contact or study our “Targets” to gain information about topics we deem to be useful and important.
  • Collect public questions, statements and concerns and try to the best of our capabilities to find helpful answers or responses.
  • Try within our means to make our findings available to the public.
  • It is in our interest not to solve issues directly. But to report on them to the communities affected by them. Our hope is for our information to be of use to communities as a tool to address their concerns.
  • We do however, reserve the right to confront issues directly as long as our motives agrees with our mission.

How we do it.

  • Recorded Interviews and data collection.
  • Display and report collected works through available mediums of public information. (Examples: Website, social networks, printouts, gatherings, etc.)
  • Try to influence peoples everywhere to join our cause to inform and involve themselves with their respective populace.