ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 04/10/2012)

Game 1 in our continuation for All-Mike glory was between "Chuuk State" and "Uaisei". Earlier in the season, Uaisei defeated Chuuk State with the help of their high flying center. Tonight's game however, Uaisei had to deal with the resilient Chuuk State team without the services of their big man. Tonight we saw a different Chuuk State team, not indicative of their 1 win 3 losses season. They shot with relative ease seemingly from everywhere on the floor, thanks to their precision passes (26 assists). The game was getting out of reach for Uaisei early in the game, succumbing to a 20 point lead by Chuuk State. But, the second half had Uaisei storming back. They ran the floor and were shooting with a purpose (52% team field goal percentage). The game changer? Free-throws. Uaisei was unable to capitalize with their free-throws, missing 9 of 18 (50%) in the second half. Your final score, 97-86, Chuuk State.


- #15 Jonathan Lee: 28pts, 2rbs, 2asts.
- #23 Jordan Ilban: 22pts, 5rbs, 6asts, 2stls, while shooting 75% (9/12).

Chuuk State:
- #24 Hefner Betiru: 25pts, 8rbs, 4asts, 4stls. 9/14 from the field (64%).
- #23 Jordan Omwere: 31pts, 9rbs, 5asts, 6stls. 50% shooting, (12/24).


Game 2 of tonight's playoff games had top seed "Soup-A-Stars" battling "Mohaks" for a chance to play Chuuk State. The struggling Mohaks came into the building thinking upset. They fired a barrage of 3's, (26 attempts) but only connected on 2 (8% from 3). Soup-A-Stars went to work on the boards, collecting 53 rebounds to Mohaks 37.  #23 of Soup-A-Stars had a stellar night, collecting 16 rebounds and 16 points (6/10) while playing only in the first 2 quarters. Your final score, 61-33, Soup-A-Stars. This sets up the stage for a rematch between Chuuk State and Soup-A-Stars, where Soup-A-Stars came away with a 2 point come from behind victory after being down by 13 in the 4th quarter.


- #0 Mackson: 17pts, 6rbs, 1stl.
- #7 Andy: 4pts, 12rbs, 1stl.

- #23 Kuldip Shergill: 16pts, 16rbs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk. 60% from the field 6/10.
- #9 Jack Kun: 15pts, 8rbs, 2asts, 1stl.

Game 1 & 2

Interview, Kuldip Shergill of Soup-A-Stars

Full Stats:

1. Chuuk State vs. Uaisei.

2. Soup-A-Stars vs. Mohaks.