ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (for 03/22/2012)

Our first game was between two teams trying to secure their first win, "Palau" vs. "Islanders". Team Palau was dominant in the first half, and continued their strong play into the third quarter. They held a hefty double digit lead over the struggling Islanders. However, the Islanders changed the pace of the game closing the gap to within 5 points in the fourth quarter. But, the weary Islanders couldn't capitalize on important free throws and fell to Palau, 62-70.

Game two in our double-header featured the defending champions, "Bang Bang" against Pool rival "Namdrik". Both teams are undefeated and were playing for the top spot in "Pool A". As expected the game was intense, with multiple lead changes of no more than 5 points. Heading into the 4th quarter, team Bang Bang exploded and outpaced Namdrik to open up a double-digit lead. However, number 22 of Namdrik would not go out quietly, draining multiple 3's and back to back fast break points to keep the game close. Namdrik erased Bang Bang's lead to only 3 points, with 7 seconds left on the clock. Game will be continued at a soon to be announced date.

 Full Stats:

1. Islanders vs. Palau. (Stats unavailable, Palau wins 70-62).

2. Bang Bang vs. Namdrik. (GAME POSTPONED. 00:07 seconds left to play)