ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (As of 03/21/2012)

Tonight's game featured undefeated, "Soup-A-Stars" going up against Pool rival, "Uai-sei". After some tough losses early in this tournament, Uai-sei has proven itself a contender with recent blow-out wins. They had to prove themselves tonight as they challenged one of the tourney's best, Soup-A-Stars. As expected, the game was intense with both teams playing tough. Uaisei stayed in the game with their 3's, shooting 35% but it wasn't enough to upend the Soup-A-Stars 52% overall field goal and their dynamic duo, in #12 and #23. The score stayed close down to the final whistle with Soup-A-Stars securing the win, 75-73.



#12: 12pts; 11rbs; 8asts; 2stls; 2tovs.

#23: 19pts; 10rbs; 1stl; 4blks; 3tovs.


#3: 18Pts; 2rbs; 1ast; 1stl; 2blks; 3tovs.

#23: 13pts; 2rbs; 4asts; 5stls; 1tov.

Full Stats:

1. Soup-A-Stars vs. Uai-sei.