ALL-MIKE Basketball Statistics. (For 03/29/2012)

Our first game for the night was between two of our tournament's heavy-hitters, "X-men" and "All-day". All-day started the night with their signature fast paced play, outpacing X-men to take an early 8 point lead in the 1st quarter. The rest of the 3 quarters belonged to the X-men. The X-men adjusted their defense and shut down All-day, forcing 20 turnovers to X-men's 4 turnovers. After All-day's 22 point 1st quarter, they only scored 25 points in the next 3 quarters. Your final score, 63-47 in favor of the X-men.

Our second game is a continuation of an unfinished game between struggling "Chuuk State" and Pool leader "Soup-A-Stars". The game started with 40 seconds left in the third quarter with Chuuk State holding on to a 13 point lead. Soup-A-Stars came right out of the gates on fire. Draining multiple threes and owning the boards. Chuuk State was simply undersized, outhustled and outplayed. The final score, 87-85, Soup-A-Stars with the come from behind victory.

The final game of the night was another continuation game between the defending champs, "Bang Bang" and Pool rival "Namdrik". Bang Bang had a 3 point lead with 0.7 seconds left on the clock. #9 had 2 clutch free-throws, he drained 1 to stretch their lead to 4. The second attempt missed, and after a fight for the rebound #22 from Namdrik came up with the ball and raced to attempt a prayer 3. Unfortunately for Namdrik, he was unable to get the ball up in time due to Bang Bang's swarm defense. Your final score, 68-64 in favor of Bang Bang.


1. All-day vs. X-men. (Stats for this game do not include the first quarter).

2. Chuuk State vs. Soup-A-Stars. Soup-A-Stars win 87-85. (Stats unavailable).

3. Namdrik vs. Bang Bang. Bang Bang win 68-64.(Stats unavailable).