ALL-MIKE Men's Basketball Statistics. (For games on 03-13-12)

Tonight's games were tightly contested. Game 1 was between K-1 of Kosrae and ALL-DAY of Chuuk. The game got testy with technical fouls being issued to multiple players. With numerous lead changes throughout the 3 quarters, K-1 gained the advantage with a 4 point lead going into the 4th quarter. They didn't relinquish that lead, finishing the game with a 48 - 45 victory. All-day had a chance to tie with a 3 pointer in the final 20 seconds, but threw up an air-ball at the final whistle.

Game 2 featured a great comeback by Palau, battling a 16 point deficit in the early 3rd quarter to close the gap to within 1. They had a number of opportunities to take the lead but fell to Namdrik, 41 - 44 the final score.

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1. K-1 (KSA) vs. ALL-DAY (CHK).