I was compelled to say something in rebuttal. I could not sit idly by while my people are blamed for everything under the sun. So I pointed out that his facts where inaccurate…

Former Senate President and former FSM President, the honorable Tosiwo Nakayama. His speech during the 1975 Micronesian Constitutional Convention.

A former employee of "Saki Store" has come forward with claims of illegal activities including, bribery, contract violations, and abuse.

In 2014 the Chuuk State Legislature enacted a law which created the Chuuk Future Status Commission the purpose of which is

"To protect and preserve the natural quality of the air, land and marine environment of the State of Chuuk, and for other purposes".

Student achievement and the US-Micronesian partnership were on display this week in Yap, as five high schools battled it out in an elimination style robotics competition.

An Independent Chuuk Should Legalize Marijuana in order to survive economically.

By 2023, compact funding from the United States is scheduled to end. In a frantic effort (for most), the COFA nations and some states have employed different solutions to make up for the expected budgetary shortfall.

TFB members were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to sit with Gardenia Aisek, Legislator in the Chuuk State House of Senate representing the Southern Namoneas region. We talk extensively about the Chuuk State Online Gambling Bill - HB 14-39, the independence movement, and other developments from Chuuk State.

POLL: "What do you think about the FSM bill to have seats for women in Congress?"

A simple definition of cultural appropriation, is when someone takes something from a culture that isn't theirs...

A broad range of objects are represented in the exhibit including carved wooden figures and storyboards, intricately patterned fans, human statuary, navigation charts, and woven clothing and adornments.

"To request the Governor of the Chuuk State to step down from office pursuant to Article [X], Section 19, of the Constitution of Chuuk State 1990, for serious breach of the Constitution...