Jason Reiong (Audio: Part 2)

We continue our interview with Chuuk High School principal, Jason Reiong. In part 2 he talks about updates with the school and some future plans. He also discusses the rift between former principal Paul Hadik, vice principal Andrew Shelton and the DOE.

Link: Part 1; Jason Reiong (Audio)

Notes and noteworthy quotes:

  • Gym is closed for renovations. Four additional school buses expected to arrive by December of 2017.
  • K-5 operates 3 days a week for 2 hours.
  1. “As a replacement of [Paul Hadik], I’m trying my best… I look at the programs that are effective and I think that they will benefit the students and the school system, the community.”
  2. “It’s challenging for me as the principal to find qualified teachers to teach at the high school level. We do have good Chuukese teachers but most of them are not on Chuuk…We need to find people who love to teach.”
  3. “First year of World Teach we had, $295,000 just for expat teachers, World Teach... Just this year they cut it down to $130,000.”
  4. “I think Paul was the one who first left, then later on Andrew decided to also move on or resign… I think the reason why Paul left is because… they did not really agree on things. The Department (DOE) didn’t like some of the ideas that he came up with… He didn’t do anything wrong.”
  5. “[Paul Hadik] was really having problems working with the department…  most of these changes, these good things is from Paul.”
  6. How many students commute to Weno from neighboring islands
    “close to 100 students.”
  7. What happened to CHS dormitories?
    “Before, Chuuk High School had dormitories, cafeteria - but when the landowners came in and took back their lands, thats the time that Chuuk High School became smaller. Now we only have the this campus and the gym… we don’t have land.”
  8. “The LDS church also help us with rent.”
  9. “The [DOE] is working on a curriculum [for] cultural skills. I think it will be adopted by the department of education. But that’s also one of our afternoon programs, traditional skills, teaching cultural skills.”
  10. On the idea of CHS becoming a charter school:
    “That’s a good Idea… but i don’t know about the [DOE] I don’t know if they will be OK with that.”