Jason Reiong (Audio: Part 1)

Chuuk High School principal Jason Reiong sits with TFB members (Charity Irons and Mae-Stephanie Narruhn) to discuss the status of CHS following the resignations of former principal Paul Hadik and vice principal Andrew Shelton.

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Noteworthy quotes:

  1. “According to my observation from the first year i started, in the system, I think we need more support from the department of education, from all of the divisions within the department.”
  2. The school has close to 900 students and a ratio of about 30 students to 1 teacher. In 2016 the student enrollment was about 600 students. “We have enough teachers but the problem is we don’t have enough space - classrooms to accommodate all the students.”
  3. Why World Teach ended: “The reason [World Teach] gave us is that they see that the [DOE] is always late to make payment… they [don’t] process stipends for their volunteers and also for their housing.”
  4. “We started the elementary program because we see that most of our 9th grade students could not read at their level, high school level.”
  5. Why DOE stopped K-5 program: “[Chuuk High administration] did not follow procedure of opening or operating a school in Chuuk, by going through the Board of Education and seeking approval by the director… They told me that I need to just let the existing elementary schools do that part and I will focus on doing my part with the secondary - the high school students.”
  6. “We monitored the number of students that made it on the college entrance test. The first year (2011), four students made it… last year (2016) we had 115."