Audit Finds Thousands Missing From Pohnpei Supreme Court

Kolonia, Pohnpei (June 30, 2014) - Pohnpei State auditors find over $29,000 missing from Pohnpei Supreme Court after a surprise inspection. A more thorough inspection revealed that over $120,000 has been “missing” within a span of four and a half years.

A letter from Pohnpei’s Public Auditor, Mr. Ihlen Joseph reported that, “…1400 plus copies of cash receipts were missing and could not be found in the Supreme Court’s files… We could not assess or confirm whether the missing receipts were issued or voided… it is very likely that the amount of the missing and unaccounted monies may be higher than reported herein.”

An ongoing investigation is currently taking place. The Pohnpei State Legislature has been informed as well as the Attorney General. Mr. Joseph has said that what they uncovered is “significant”, and recommends a “criminal investigation and prosecution for those found responsible…”.