Yap Wins Bid to Host the 2018 Micronesian Games

Yap will host the next Micro Games, following a decision made by the Micronesian Games Council general assembly. The general assembly convened in Pohnpei during the Games and decided in favor of Yap over CNMI.

Although the CNMI lost out in the bidding they will host the Pacific Mini Games in 2021.

This will mark the FSM’s third time hosting the Games. It was previously held at Pohnpei in 2002 and is currently being held again in Pohnpei.

Previous hosts:

  • CNMI – 1969, 1990, and 2006.
  • Guam – 1994.
  • Palau – 1998 and 2010.
  • Pohnpei – 2002 and 2014.