Chuuk DOE Recruiting Teachers Abroad

In an effort to rebuild Chuuk's Department of Education, Department director Gardenia Macayaon and a team of reformists have flown to Guam to recruit about 100 new teachers.

“We have a need for many teachers. Chuuk has 71 schools. Many of them are short of teachers right now”, said Macayaon.

Macayaon has revealed that many teachers have left and/or are retiring by this school year, prompting this recruitment. It has also been revealed that the department will let go of all "uncertified teachers". Currently there are 74 teachers who are "uncertified".

The Chuuk DOE is also currently conducting a major overhaul of their personnel.  Along with this recent recruiting effort, they have also released a list of vacancies in their department, from "Procurement and Supply Specialist" to "Scholarship Program Specialist".

Gardenia and her team will hold interviews at Guam Community College (GCC).