Meeting With Acting Chief of Police from Yap State, Mr. Fanian Bamngin


Interviewed: Mr. Fanian Bamngin

Title: Acting Chief of Police, Yap State.

Educational Background: Received AAS Degree in Criminal Justice at Cochise College at Douglas, Arizona.

From: Gal, Kanifay, Yap State

     I met Mr. Bamgngin on Continental Flight 957 as he boarded at the Pohnpei Airport. He sat next to me, and I started a conversation with him. This conversation led to an interview. I was honored that he agreed to share his work and opinions to the rest of Micronesia.


(MW= Micronesia Watch; FB= Fanian Bamngin)

MW:  How did you become the acting Chief of Police?

FB:      The former Chief of Police has been sick and has been through medical treatment. As a result of his illness, I became the Acting Chief of Police.

MW:  How long have you served as an Acting Chief of Police?

FB:      I served since November 2010

MW:  What does your job entail?

FB:      I work for the Division of Public Safety which is under the Attorney General’s Office. I overlook the division of the Public Safety. There are 5 sectors under the Division of Public Safety which are Investigation, Fire, Correction, Oppression, and Administration.

MW:  Were there any serious cases you encountered?

FB:       Yes, I cannot remember the date. However, the case involved an American female teacher from S.D.A. School who was killed. The killer is still under custody.

MW:  What do you think is the number one crime in the F.S.M.?

FB:      I would say that it is alcohol. The reason is because alcohol causes a lot of crimes, and the use of alcohol leads to crimes being committed.

MW: What do you think about dual citizenship?

FB:      (No comment)

MW:  What is the process of becoming a police officer in Yap?

FB:      They go through training, and the person gets interviewed by the staff and chief.

 MW: What are your thoughts on improving Yap’s police system?

FB:     We need more training for police officers.

MW:  Do police officers from each state meet?

FB:      If there is need of police enforcement from all F.S.M, then they’ll meet.

MW:  Any advice for the young Micronesians?

FB:      Follow traditional custom and laws. Always remember tradition and culture.