The Fourth Branch Interviews F.S.M. S.S. Administrator: Alexander Narruhn

Alexander R. NarruhnA graduate of Xavier High School, Alexander Narruhn received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, emphasis in Legal Studies; Master of Arts in Management from National University in San Diego. He is a certified Paralegal under the American Bar Association - University of San Diego. Currently he is the  Administrator for the FSM Social Security Administration; Chairman for the Board of the FSM Banking and Insurance Commission; Secretary of the Board for the FSM Petro Corp and Member of the Asia Pacific Association of the Fiduciary Studies.

The Fourth Branch Iterviews Alexander Narruhn, the Administrator for the FSM S.S. Administration. The Interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Russell Thoulag.

Provided is Mr. Narruhn's video recorded interveiw:
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