Data Shows Fewer Micronesians Using Homeless Services

(Hawaii, USA) - The University of Hawaii's, Center on the Family, published a report that shows a decrease in homeless services usage by Micronesian/COFA migrants for 2016.

2016 Homeless Utilization Demographic

2016 Homeless Utilization Demographic

In 2014 there were 2,320 COFA citizens utilizing homeless services. The current 2016 report shows that there were 1,608 for the year. That is a 44% decrease. Overall the state saw a 6.3% drop.

Also worth noting, of the 14,015 homeless services clients, 11.4% are COFA citizens.

This report suggests that the homeless services may have been successful in finding homes for previously homeless individuals. Other factors, although unlikely, could have contributed to the drop in numbers. For example, homeless persons moving out of the state and/or inaccurate data collection.

For an accurate estimate of actual homeless persons, the state of Hawaii conducted a point in time (PIT) count. This too saw a drop of about 9%, but a growth for the island of Oahu of about 0.4%. The count does not include ethnicity or race.