The Honorable Tony de Brum of the RMI


  • Xavier high school alumnus. (1962)
  • Involved in first Compact negotiations in the RMI.
  • Involved in the formation of the RMI constitution.
  • Climate change activist.
  • Nuclear-free world activist.
  • Former foreign affairs minister.
  • Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.” (2015)
  • Nobel Peace Prize nominee. (2016)



1.  People regard you as a hero. Who are your heroes?

2.  I know you went to Xavier, where did you go to college?

(Seasoned Communicator)

3. We noticed you usually insert traditional knowledge in your speeches. Some stories, words, lessons. Where did that practice come from?

4. One of the things we admire about you is that you are a very effective communicator? how did you develop that?

(RMI Politics)

5. The US is pulling out of the Pacific Tuna Treaty. Should we be worried?

6. What’s your response to Dr. Hilda Heine’s election?

7. Absentee votes were a major deciding factor on the last election, can you comment on this?

(United Nations)

8. Should we be concerned that the RMI lost their UN vote? How did that happen to begin with?

9. Is it a coincidence that the RMI votes in favor of the USA at the UN, almost all the time?


10. A Lot of people feel that the US has not been keeping their part of the COFA agreement, although the RMI has kept theirs. Do you think they’re right to feel that way?

11. 2023 is coming up, compact grants will stop, trust fund is not enough. What do you think is likely to happen?

(Climate Change)

12. How do you feel about the Paris deal?

13. How will your role change now that you are no longer minister?

(Nuclear History)

14. Nuclear survivors day (March 1). What’s the significance of that day to you?

15. Who’s on your legal team working on the lawsuit?

16. The idea of going up against a super-power is daunting/intimidating to most of us. How do you muster up the courage to approach these nations?

(Viewer Submitted Questions)

1. Shaun Suliol (PNI): What can we as islanders, the little guys, do at home to save ourselves?   

Anonymous: What island has the best Sakau?


- Final thoughts -