Habele Awards Tuition Scholarships Throughout Micronesia

(Colonia, Yap) A dozen promising students from three FSM States are headed to the private school of their families choosing this year.

These exceptional students received K-12 tuition scholarships from Habele, a nonprofit founded by former Peace Corps Volunteers that operates exclusively in the FSM.

“Investing in the future of these bright and ambitious children is a real pleasure,” stated Matthew Coleman, a Habele Project Director. “It’s exciting to participate in empowering the future leaders of the FSM. Habele knows there are many other gifted students for whom educational opportunity is still just a dream, and we remain committed to the mission of reaching them.”

Among the 2015-16 Habele scholars are students attending Saint Mary’s, Yap SDA, Yap Catholic High School, Xavier High School, and Calvary Christian Academy. The six boys and six girls come from a number of island communities across the FSM.

Students and their families commit to maintaining - or raising - their exceptional GPAs, participating in extracurricular programs that complement classroom instruction, and maintaining exemplary attendance and conduct records.

Scholarships cover a large percentage, but not all, of school tuition and fees, leaving parents and guardians meaningful financial participation in their child’s education. These scholarships are issued directly to schools, in the name of each student, who must provide report cards and other progress indicators to Habele throughout the school year.

Established by Americans who taught in island classrooms, Habele empowers access and accomplishment throughout Micronesia. In addition to the scholarships, Habele serves K-12 students through literacy donations, and extracurricular projects. Among these are the "Yap Robo League" and the Waa'gey traditional skills mentorship.