President Mori Declares state of Emergency for Yap, Chuuk

(Pohnpei, FSM) - After declaring a state of emergency for the state of Chuuk following the devastation of typhoon Maysak, president Mori has now included the state of Yap. Along with the inclusion of Yap state, president Mori has also issued additional directives: 

  • The resources of the National Government that are committed to dealing with the emergency shall be made available to the State of Yap, subject to the availability of funds.
  • The FSM National Emergency Task Force (the “Task Force”) shall include in its plan to alleviate and mitigate the adverse effects of the emergency the present condition of the State of Yap and accord it the necessary priority and availability of assistance from the National Government.
  • In order to assure that those most affected by Typhoon Maysak are not negatively impacted by those who would profit by their misery, I am directing that the prices of all commodities throughout the Nation remain frozen at their pre-typhoon prices.
  • The Task Force, with the assistance of the Department of Justice, shall monitor the prices of commodities throughout the Nation in order to ensure that suppliers do not increase prices due to the rise in demands causing a shortage in supplies as a result of the emergency. Accordingly, emergency procurements shall be made only from vendors that are compliant with this directive.

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