FSM President Forms "The Task Force on Unity" in Response to Chuuk Independence

In response to Chuuk's move to secede from the FSM, President Mori has created the "Task Force on Unity" to urge Chuukese voters to vote "No" for Chuuk Independence.

  1. To download slide-show presentation by the Task Force: Slideshow Link (Powerpoint).
  2. To view the slideshow online: Slideshow presentation.

Key points from the hearing.

  1. According to the FSM Department of Justice, secession from the FSM is unconstitutional and not allowed. Based on the preamble of the constitution, which promotes unity. As well as Article 13 section 3 of the FSM Constitution. which states:  "It is the solemn obligation of the national and state governments to uphold the provisions of this Constitution and to advance the principles of unity upon which this Constitution is founded." The principal phrase here is, "...advance the principles of unity...". Further, in Article 2 of the constitution, it states that the FSM constitution is the "supreme law" of the land, and that "[a]n act of the Government in conflict with this Constitution is invalid to the extent of conflict".
  2. The FSM Department of Justice explained that there is a legal pathway to secede from the FSM, and that is through a constitutional amendment. An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed by a constitutional convention, popular initiative, or Congress in a manner provided by law.
  3. In response to the popular question, "Why doesn't the national government stop the March 3 vote, if it is indeed unconstitutional?": The act of asking and placing the question on the ballot is not unconstitutional, it is protected under the freedom of expression in Article 4 Section 1. Only if there is an affirmative vote of "yes", or 50 percent of the votes plus 1, does the unconstitutionality of the secession begin.
  4. President Mori has emphasized that the time allotted to the public to decide has not been enough for the voting populous of Chuuk. This is one of the reasons as to why he is urging the Chuukese people to vote "no". He has also expressed his concern for the ability of Chuuk's leadership to function properly as an independent nation when they haven't been able to even deliver "basic services".