Letter to Readers (Chuuk Independence)

Tirow, ran annim, pwan kinisou ren ei fansoun.

Itei, Otis Aisek. Ese wor wisei meren fonuwach Chuuk, ngang emon chon sikun me non ewe University of Hawaii. Memwen ach sipwe popwuta, upwe tingor sipwe chok kinamwe non ach asos fengen, pwun epwe mokutukut ech, epwe pwan wor wewe fengen ren ei ekiek mi fokkun watte. Omusano ika u nikinikin namanam tekia, pwan tirou sefan ai ei upwene ipweseni fossun Chuuk, iwe mwetengeni fossun Merika.

The reason for my writing in English is threefold. First, although this decision is expected to take effect as early as this year, the issue will affect the younger generation, a generation that has become reliant and exceedingly fluent in the English language. Secondly, English is the language that I am most comfortable with. I can best communicate my ideas in English and would only do a disservice if I wrote in Chuukese. The final reason is, although this issue will impact the people of Chuuk, its repercussions will ripple through to our neighboring states. This is a Micronesian issue.

Finally, I want to make absolutely clear that this article is more a reflection of public discourse rather than a personal statement of my opinions. It must also be stated that the following opinions do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of The Fourth Branch (TFB). However, the works and efforts to bring topics and discussions such as these are reflective of TFB's mission to, "inform and involve the people of Micronesia".

The questions and statements herein were:

  • gathered through social media sites (Facebook, TFB, Micsem etc.) 
  • emailed to TFB.
  • addressed to us in person.
  • or collected by members of TFB.

If anything offends or displeases, please accept my sincere apology and feel free to comment/reply. If you see an error in statistics, titles, quotes, or any errors in general, please point them out and we will address them.

Feel free to continue this discussion here, on other social sites, or in spaces where you feel most comfortable.

Kinisou, tirow, and thank you