Lost Fisherman Rescued, Partner Still Missing

Chuuk, FSM - After nearly two weeks adrift at sea, the missing skiff from Chuuk that carried two fishermen was found near the island of Satawal, approximately 302 nautical miles west from where the boat was reported missing.

Locals from Satawal rescued one of the two fishermen. The rescued is a 50 year old fisherman who was exhausted but in good condition. Arrangements are being made to transport the survivor back to his home island.

His partner is still missing after he decided to jump overboard a few days after they went adrift.

Search teams that included five commercial ships, one U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, one U.S. Navy aircraft, one Australian aircraft, and the FSM Patrol Boat FSS Micronesia were called off from the search on March 23, ten days after the boat went missing.

There are no reports yet if searches will be conducted for the second man.