Tired of Political Agendas

Politics can be frustrating if not fair, dirty if not transparent, out of control if not judged. Zachariah Tman of Yap State wrote an emotional, 'letter to our candidates' that echoes a sentiment that many youths share of their respective politicians.

With elections rolling nearer here is one citizen's, 'letter to our politicians'


By: Zachariah Tman

I'm honestly tired of political agendas. You can be the greatest talker in the world, make so many promises, and buy the people off with promises of what to do when you are in office or out of office or etc. But the truth is simple....YOU ARE TALKING. Stop talking. If you are elected, it's not because of the promises you've made...it's because you've been trusted to be a pillar to hold the nation up. When you're an elected official, or are running for a political position....you are saying "I'm ready to take on the burdens of my country and uphold its people." You are running for the position of a "servant"...not a "ruler" and the change is in the actions you do, not in the words you spoke. Because who will remember what you said on election day...no one...they will remember what you will do.

One day, I hope to see one of my peers running for office with the kind of heart that's all about taking the initiative and challenging the people and making changes that will impart a lasting legacy. Because when they say "your vote makes a difference". I honesty haven't seen a difference in all the times I've voted. And when i do go in to vote...I'm like "Lord, help this old man I've voted". Because I really do think you'll need all the help you can get. The difference I want to see is simple. I want to see a nation actively competing against other nations in academics and sports. I want to see a nation active in global affairs and going to the global leagues to share views and opinions. I want to see a nation where when I go abroad and say "I'm from Yap" the response I get is "that is a beautiful place" not, "where the hell is that?" I want a nation where people don't hold themselves back just because I'm from a low cast village and you're from a high cast village. I want a nation where we truly mean the words we sing every time we sing our anthem song. I know we are small, but honestly, the smallest players in the field are often the ones to watch out for because they are crafty, cunning, smart, agile, quick, and spirited.

We have a colorful history of Spanish, German, Japanese, and American influence, heck, I did a genetic test on myself this past month and I found out I have 20% Spanish and 25% German in me. That means somewhere in history, some Spanish dude Facebook "poked" a Yapese lady and there began my lineage with German influences down the line. What I'm trying to say is, we are all different, but also the same in many ways. It's these differences and similarities that make us work and fit well together. So don't hold someone back for being different, push them forward. Encourage them. Tell them they can go far and for the love of God life is not about selling betelnuts. When you graduate high school, get the f*ck outta dodge. There are so many options if you just look and if you are running for office, I'm begging you as a citizen who voted for you, please do your job. Weigh the decisions you have everyday because they affect the people who you are looking after. Do not sell us off to foreigners in exchange for money. Don't pawn us off to others to be recognized. Do the good you were entrusted to do. Take us as far as you can and then pass the torch to the next person who will carry on running. Just because you are elected, it doesn't mean you are wise, no, ask your people what they think about something before you finalize your decision. Share your views and your decisions, and trust your people to also share their thoughts with you. I know it's stressful to be in office, to work with such a demanding job, but i hope you realize that the people who put you in office also care about you. And they would value your thoughts if you share with them and actually listen to them when they share their views as well.

And for ****'s sake....stop using "youth" in speeches. Yes, we are the biggest resource, we are the future, etc. But if you're going to use the youth and campaign on behalf of us then you better give us the future we deserve. Not that we are self-entitled to that future but because we deserve more than empty promises from people who've promised us many things but failed to deliver. Don't break our hearts for nothing because that's what makes us jaded, broken, and hopeless young people without a cause. Instead, if you're going to speak for us, then also fight for us with heart and soul and in time, we'll see that you're a badass MF candidate. And though we may often sneak out and drink a couple drinks, we will definitely know that our country needs us because you've hammered that message home into us. And though we will go away for awhile to grow from young men and women into full grown adults, we will undoubtedly return home to do the good we promised to do. And in turn, we will take up the torch you've carried and we will carry it for the next generation, and we will teach our kids the same message you've taught us, and instill in them the same virtue you instilled in us. That way, a cycle of good continues and before we know it, our tiny little country is a player in the big leagues. Because believe me, I know we pride ourselves in being the most cultural place in the Pacific, and also being fairly isolated. And that's a good thing, but the truth is the world is moving forward and those who remain behind are those who often pay the heaviest prices in the end.