Improved Phone and Internet Services in FSM & Palau

By: Yu Suenaga


PALIKIR, Pohnpei (World Bank, Sept. 6, 2013) - World Bank Regional Vice President for East Asia and the Pacific, Alex van Trotsenburg announced that the World Bank will be supporting the improvements of internet and telephone services in FSM and Palau with a budget of $1.1 million. 

van Trotsenburg stated that "Connectivity is critical for job growth, for governments to bring health and education to their people..."  He then added, “This project is an important step for Micronesia. As part of a broader program of support, it will help connect people to each other, to the wider Pacific region, and to the world.”

Internet service standards in FSM and Palau are still very low to this day. Recently, FSM began offering ADSL to the community. However, due to its high monthly rates and installation fees, not everyone is able to afford it. In some regions where ADSL services are not available, people still use Dial-Up connection to get online. 

In addition, connecting the FSM and Palau to fiber-optic cables from Guam is still a future possibility.

In summation, Palau and the FSM could see faster and more affordable phone and internet services.