"Your Move"


The "Your Move" initiative is a youth project that looks to collect positive contents "by Micronesians and for Micronesians".


"We will be collecting and documenting POSITIVE content by Micronesians  and for Micronesians. Not dense articles, not pieces on difficulties and  challenges, but music, art, food, recipes, movies, sports, fashion,  fishing, travel, photos, dance, businesses, etc. that features,  includes, or is about Micronesia."


1. Recordings from sporting events (pictures, videos etc.).

2. Recordings of community events (church gatherings, birthday parties etc.).

3. Recipes & photos of favorite foods.

4. Artworks (music, dance, artpieces etc.).

5. Micronesian business owners (Good opportunity to advertise your business).

Please contact: yourmovemicronesia@gmail.com