Charities Hold Scholarship Workshop on Yap

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HABELE Scholarship Workshop Yap Micronesia 2013.jpg

Non-profit organizations Habele and Waa’gey conducted a workshop for  parents interested in obtaining tuition scholarships for their children  in the 2013-2014 school year. The workshop was held in the afternoon at  the community center in Colonia in Yap, Micronesia. Interested parents  arrived throughout the day, and volunteers from Habele and Waa’gey were  on hand to assist them in the application process. The workshop was the  first of its kind for Habele, and around forty applications were  received during the course of the event.

The workshop also marked the first time that Habele accepted K-12  scholarship applications from students from the main island of Yap.  Previously, scholarships had been limited to outer island students from  Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei States, due to Habele’s limited finances. This  year, however, the contributions of several generous donors, especially  the Germany-based financial services corporation Yapital, have made it  possible for Habele to expand its scholarship program to mainland Yapese  students as well.

“Yapital has been a crucial partner in our ability to expand our  scholarships this year,” said Habele board member Alex Sidles. “Without  Yapital’s assistance, we wouldn’t be able to accept nearly as many  students.”

The workshop on Yap enabled families without internet access to complete  applications. “Not everyone has access to a computer or a printer,”  said Larry Raigetal, of  Waa’gey  who assisted in organizing and  conducting the workshop. “In fact, it’s often been the neediest families  who have the hardest time getting their applications turned in.”

Due to the strong positive feedback Habele received from the community  about the workshop, Habele plans to conduct a similar workshop on Yap  every year. Habele will still accept scholarship applications over the  internet, but the new annual workshop will enable families without  internet access to apply. “We want to be as inclusive as possible when  accepting scholarship applications. An annual workshop is the best way  to do that,” said Sidles.

Habele will announce its decisions regarding scholarship applications in  August. Families will be notified individually whether their student’s  application has been approved or declined. In the case of a declined  application, Habele encourages the family to apply again next year