"Donated Dictionaries Helping College Bound Chuukese"

By: Neil Mellen

Habele Outer Island Education Fund

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(Weno, Chuuk) Students attending Chuuk High School have sent their  thanks to Habele for donating English language dictionaries. The  US-based charity provided the texts when approached by Vice Principal  Jason Reiong.

Reiong wrote to Habele in late 2012, explaining: "I read about your  organization in the Kaselehie Press and I was very happy with what your  organization has being doing for all the schools across Micronesia. I am  writing to ask if your charity could help our students at CHS with some  dictionaries, such as those you've

provided to students in Yap." The US  based charity was happy to respond to the request.

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Over the last several months, Habele volunteers and their partners  obtained the dictionaries and sent them to Chuuk. The cost of postage  and processing was funded by the European based electronic payments firm  "Yapital." On his end, Reiong navigated the donated boxes through  customs, the post office and the school system's own bureaucracy. He  explains that the timing of the arrival allowed the dictionaries to be  used by students preparing for their state and district achievement  tests.

"Since the students started using the dictionaries -both in the class  and at their homes in the evenings- we've seen the scores on the local  assessment increase," Vice Principal Reiong explained in a gracious  letter to Habele volunteers. "The higher scores, and the rise in our  College of Micronesia (COM) admission rate are possible because of the  thoughtful contributions from people like you."

"That is a humbling claim," insisted Alex Sidles, a Habele Director who  formerly served as a teacher on Unanu, in the Namonweito Atoll. "I think  the real credit goes to the hard working educators and pupils in Weno  who've made the most of the dictionaries. We happy to have helped them  do just that."

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