Governor Titiml Extends State of Emergency in Kayangel, Palau

Kayangel governor, Jeffrey Titiml requested an extension of the State of Emergency after his state suffered "total destruction" from super-typhoon Haiyan.

The states of Koror and Babeldaob sustained significant damages to infrastructure, farmlands and public utilities (roads, electricity, sewage, buildings...). The states of Peleliu and Angaur have also experienced damages, but further assessment is needed.

Kayangel's status of "total destruction" includes all homes being "completely destroyed", many people are now without homes. Ocean water rushed hundreds of feet inland (Kayangel is an atoll state). Services to water and electricity are inactive. Although an estimated 60 people did not evacuate when the super-typhoon hit, there has been no reports of fatalities in Kayangel and all of Palau.

President Remengesau has explained that clean-up efforts are well underway. Restoring electricity and access to clean water are main concerns. Communication and the restoration of crops and farmland are also high priorities.

The president has estimated that it should take until late next year before some areas' land is suitable for farming, since the soil has been saturated with salt water. He also estimated that it will take a year or more before "island living" can be returned.

The president praised response personnel, the citizens, and the emergency systems and planning for their efforts and cooperation.

President Remengesau also extended condolences to the Philippines, which suffered massive losses of lives and devastating destruction. The president wanted to address the issue of climate change, which he believes plays a huge role in recent uncommon weather patterns.

"... we can’t help but think that all this climate change and global warming has significantly altered the natural [path] of the typhoon..." (President Remengasau, Radio Australia, Nov. 13)


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