Palau: Typhoon Bopha Relief Efforts

By: Leah Whitten
Edited by: Otis Aisek & Russell Thoulag
Photos by: "Surangel and Sons Co." Facebook Page:

     My name is Leah Whitten, I am daughter to Evelyn Ngirturong, Charlton  David Whitten Sr. (biological father), and Joshua Sokau (stepfather). I  am the middle child and only sister to two awesome brothers: Charlton  David Whitten, Jr. (older) and Jonathan Ilab Beluong (younger).

I  was born in Sacramento, CA in 1986 and was raised in Palau from 1995 -  2005. Although I was born in Sacramento, CA, all of my childhood and  teenage memories are of Palau. Palau is special to me because it is not  only my mom's home but mine as well

When  I heard of Typhoon Bopha building up in strength and power heading to  Palau I couldn't help but reflect on all the good things God had blessed  our family with throughout all the years. The wonderful aunties and  uncles who scolded us daily and reminded us to keep our slippers on when  playing outside and to be in the house before the sun goes down. The  many cousins who we grew up playing Saipang, Ichidang, Oni, Kaizentori,  Klaiberebart, and Bunny with. The delicious fruits on the trees: kuabang  (guava), chedebsachel (mountain apple), kemim (star apple), iedell  (mango), and rambotang (Rambutan) that we could pick from while walking  home through the taro patches after school. Visiting great grandma's  house in Ngerchemai where everyone gathers to fellowship and spend  quality time together. All I could envision were the good times that we  had back home, and to imagine how such an unexpected Typhoon could come  in less than two days and destroy all of those memories was devastating.

While Typhoon Bopha was hovering over Palau, I along with many  others who are family, friends, and loved ones to Palau and its people  who live away from home felt the burning desire to help through  thoughts, prayers, fasting, preparing, and giving. These were expressed  through text messages, voice messages, pictures, Facebook postings, and  emails.

Seeing pictures of the aftermath and receiving phone  calls from our family and loved ones about how many homes were lost  really brought us to our knees. This has only strengthened us as  Palauans and compelled us even more to help restore our homeland and  give to those in need in this very difficult time.

When I was  young there were times when our family had just enough to get by for the  week and my mom would always say, let us share the little we have to  our extended family because they need it more than we do. This concept  was very hard for me to understand at a young age but it has grown with  me over the years and I'm very grateful for such a wonderful mother who  taught me such an important lesson in life. Here is a bible verse my mom  would always share that has stuck with me till this very day, "In  everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must  help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself  said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' - Acts 20:35. Let  this Holiday Season be a Season of Giving!

Let us give together,

Leah Whitten

"Helping our people one day at a time."



As of December 5, 2012.

  • A State of Emergency has been declared.
  • Congress has been asked to appropriate US$10 million for response and recovery efforts.
  • Current priorities are shelter, water, sanitation and power. 92 houses have been completely destroyed and 59 houses have major damages. Initial Damage Assessments are continuing, with results still pending.
  • No casualties or major injuries have been reported.
  • The hospital and clinics will resume normal operations as of today.
  • A Recovery Task Force has been established



1. Palau Bopha Relief: Facebook Page.

2. Typhoon Bopha Updates/Palau: Facepage Page.

3. Palau Typhoon Bopha Situation Report: Situation Report.


     1. For donations from foreign entities kindly contact the Ministry of State at telephone no. (680) 488-4411 or email address at

     2. For donations from local entities:

  • Main Point of Contact is the Palau Red Cross Society at (680) 488-5780/5781.
  • Religious organizations kindly contact your respective churches:                   
    • Catholic Mission: (680)488-4757
    • Seventh Day Adventist: (680)488-2796
    • Evangelical Church: (680)488-3151
    • For business please contact the Palau Chamber of Commerce at (680) 488-3400.
    • For assistance or questions regarding Bopha Catastrophe Relief Committee contact us at telephone number (680) 488-2452/2659 or email us at or follow us on facebook (palau.bopharelief)


     1. Palau Red Cross Society. 

  • Accepts Water (5gal) water containers
  • butane/kerosene
  • portable gas stove
  • kerosene lamp
  • lighting devices
  • beddings/sheets
  • shovels
  • hammers
  • crowbars
  • rakes
  • machetes
  • non-perishable foods
  • cooking utensils and etc.
  • Red Cross Society also accepts monetary donations.

Contact the Palau Red Cross Society: (Contact MaryAnn Delemel at (680) 488-5780/5781)

     2. Palau SDA Church (Adventist Community Services)

  • Accepts food
  • water
  • clothing and shelter materials.

Contact Palau SDA Church: (Contact Mesikt Idechong at (680) 488-2796)

     3. Koror Evangelical Church.

  • Accepts clothing
  • canned goods
  • water & rice

Contact Koror Evangelical Church: Arlene Alexander (680) 488-3151/4443

     4. MSS PTA Relief Drive (Maris Stella School Parents & Teachers Association) Asking all parents, friends, and relatives to come & support typhoon victims.

  • Accepts monetary donations
  • canned foods
  • rice
  • clothing
  • kitchen supplies
  • empty boxes
  • plastic containers.

Contact MSS PTA Relief Drive: Peter Polloi (680)7751828/4880907 or Lisa Abraham (680)775LISA.

     5. Palau Community College

  • CC Board of Trustees Chair Bilung G. Salii & President Tellei ask all PCC faculty, staff, and students to help donate to  typhoon victims.

      6. OMUB.

  • Accepts donations of canned goods
  • clothing
  • household items.

Contact OMUB Office at (680) 488-4070 or Omengkar Wally at (680) 775-0000 


     7. OTV Super Typhoon Relief Drive.

  • Accepts donations of canned goods
  • bottled water
  • toiletries
  • pillows
  • blankets and other necessities
  • (No Cash Donations).

Contact OTV (680)4881838.

     8. Rotary Club of Palau District 2750.

  • Accepting donations that can be deposited through at the Bank of Hawaii-Koror Branch. Wire transfer instructions: Rotary Club of Palau's Typhoon Bopha Relief Fund | Account # 0037-126152 Routing # 121301028 | SWIFT # BOHIUS77

Contact Rotary Club of Palau District 2750: Anke Claudia Mayer or Thomas Schubert at

     9. Surangel and Sons Company.

  • Accepting donations through sales of Bopha shirts, $2 from the sale of each will go to Palau Red Cross efforts. If you would like to make a contribution you can also send monetary donations through our Pay Pal account. Paypal account Business Name: Surangel & Sons Co.

Contact Surangel and Sons Company, Eric Ksau Whipps at (680) 488-4171 or

     10. Rebuild Peleliu -- Typhoon bopha 2012

  • Accepting cash donations to be used for purchasing materials at a local hardware to aid in the rebuilding of Peleliu.

Contact Rebuild Peleliu: (Contact Tiffany Dos Santos at

     11. Palau 2012 Group.

  • Accepting monetary donations to be given to Palau Red Cross. Pay Pal Account name: or mail donations to P.O. Box 315491 Tamuning, Guam 96930 Pay to the order of Palau 2012 Keizy Shiro.

     12. Palau Community Associaton of Guam.

  • Accepting household goods such as beddings, clothes, flashlights and candles in lower Barrigada Heights, Contact Elfrieda Koshiba.

     13. IP&E (Shell).

  • Donating 5 cents per gallon of gasoline purchased at any Shell station with a goal to raise $10,acing

     14. Bank of Guam.

  • Accepting monetary donations at all branches.
  • Write a check to Palau Bopha Relief Effort or request to make a cash advance contribution with a teller. Contact Jackie Marati.

     15. Shiro Recovery Fund from Typhoon Bopha.

  • Accepting monetary donations for Ulimang Village, Ngaraard.

Contact Shiro Recovery Fund:, Everdil Tohill:


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Recovery efforts begin in Palau after "Super Typhoon Bopha".