Applying For College

Hosted by the: Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS) at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

Helpful tips for college. (In Marshallese and Chuukese languages)

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  • ·       WHY COLLEGE?           
    • o   Why is college important? College plays a big role in broadening a person’s job opportunities. A college degree will help equip a person with better knowledge and better understanding of what they will be doing in their respective futures. These opportunities include career jobs such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, and much more.
    • o    Another big opportunity that college will ensure you is a broader cultural experience. In college, you will be exposed to different types of cultural beliefs, cultural values, and religion. You will have the opportunity to learn those beliefs, values, and religion intimately with a certified and knowledgeable instructor.
    • ·       COLLEGE LIFE           
      • o   College offers a variety of programs and majors a student may pursue.           
        •    If you love sports, college offers you the opportunity to pursue those goals and gives you a better opportunity in making it your career should you wish to pursue it. These programs may include sports such as football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and many more.
        •   College offers a wide variety of majors. These majors will help you become more knowledgeable in your respective careers paths. Majors offered may include Marine Biology, Business, Medical fields (such as doctors and nurses), environmental protection, tourism, and many more.
        • o   There are also Special Academic opportunities available for you. These opportunities include freshman learning communities, study abroad, and undergrad research opportunities.
        • o   College also has other facilities such dormitory and dining options available. You can live on campus or off campus. There are also options for dining. Should you choose campus living, there are activities available exclusively to help you become more acquainted and familiar to your fellow peers. Not to mention, these activities are also very fun!
        • ·       ADMISSION           
          • o   One of the most important things to always be aware of are deadlines. Be sure to check the deadline for the school you are planning to apply to. The earlier you get started on your application, the better.
          • o   Know the admission requirements for the school you’re applying to. Some general requirements include completed high school courses such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies and more.
          • o   Make sure you include in your application test scores such as SAT, ACT, and TOEFL.
          • o   Every school will have an application checklist. The checklist may include the following:           
            •  The application
            •  Application fee
            •  High School transcript
            •  Test scores
            •  Address to mail the application to
            • o   For those interested in applying for the University of Hawaii please visit their Student Services Center building, located in the heart of the UH Manoa campus. There you will find the Financial Aid Services office. The Admissions Office is also located in the same building. You can also visit the UH website at, You can fill out your application and submit it through here... This is also the center for all things UH.
            • ·       FUNDING COLLEGE           
              • o   FAFSA is one way to help get funding for college.
              • o   As mentioned earlier, loans are available to students to help pay for college. Taking out a loan to pay for college will ensure you finish school without worrying about how to manage paying for school while attending classes. Loans are good because you won’t need to pay it back until after graduation.
              • o   There are many more options to help pay for college. One of those options is student employment. Student employment is an opportunity to work on campus and go to class at the same time. Doing this will allow you the freedom to earn money for college, have enough time to do your studies, and socialize with your peers.
              • o   Other options available to students who want to go to college are grants and scholarships. There are both government and non-government funded grants and scholarships available to students. You can also find information for scholarship and grants at: