All-Mike Women's Volleyball Tournament & Championship Highlights (Honolulu 2011).

The All-Mike Women's Volleyball Tournament is brought to you by the same organization that organized the All-Mike Men's Basketball Tournament. The tournament featured over 10 teams from throughout Micronesia. The Championship game was played between the Palau "All-stars" and Chuuk's "Seres me Faan". For detailed information please visit the All-Mike Facebook page. (All-Mike Facebook page).

Facebook info. excerpt:

"ALL MIKE is ALL MICRONESIAN - Everything this group has done is truly to empower, encourage and share positive information about Micronesian Community. These are the faces of the next generation and they are not going anywhere. They will strive to make their future more brighter and work at deleting all negativity still lingering out there. You can be part of the solution or remain in the dark. If you're one Micronesian whose tired of all the put downs and complain, here's your chance to make a difference. The choice is yours. You're welcome to join the party or just support our effort by coming to our events. Friends and Supporters of Micronesian are more than welcome, you know who you are"

Volleyball Highlights: