Singer/Song-writer, Veronica Jean Pangelinan

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Veronica Jean PangelinanWe were fortunate to have had the chance to interview Veronica Pangelinan from the island of Pohnpei, FSM. She is a rising star in the music industry. Her music has been aired in the state of Hawaii and as far as New Zealand, Guam, Tahiti and other islands in the Pacific.

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The interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Russell Thoulag:

Provided below is a short background information provided by Ms. Pangelinan.



Veronica Jean Pangelinan, is the firstborn and only daughter of three children

born to Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Monaliza Abello Pangelinan from Pohnpei State

in the Federated States of Micronesia. She was born on April 15, 1992 on the

island of Oahu, Hawaii although raised with her two brothers, Ryan, 13 and

Joshua, 11 in Pohnpei. She spent her elementary and high school years at the

Pohnpei Seventh-Day Adventist School until she graduated in May of 2010.

Throughout her childhood years, Veronica Jean has always displayed an interest

in music and the arts although she is quick to point out she was humming tunes

even at the early age of 2. She often took to singing whenever the opportunity

presented itself whether it was for private family gatherings, birthday parties,

formal celebrations, or charitable events and programs. School activities were no

exception earning her the “Most Musical Student of the Year” award throughout

her high school years.

Next to her love of music is her passion for drawing. She has won several

private and public-sponsored drawing contests during her elementary years,

even winning a 4-day all expense paid trip to Cairns, Australia from Continental

Airlines sometime in 2004.

A resident of Oahu, Veronica Jean has attended Honolulu Community College

(HCC) and currently plans to transfer to the University of Hawaii (UH) shortly