280 Bicycles Claimed in One Day!


Mr. Clark Graham  Mr. Clark Graham, the founder of SHIP/HOOPS (Chuuk), brings smiles to the communities of Chuuk.

 Awaiting at the dock, two 40 feet containers stacked to capacity with unclaimed bicycles. The dock was clamoring with eagerness as a multitude of tired feet waited to trade steps for turns. Where did these bicycles come from?

  Mr. Graham stated "our Rotary Club received 280 bicycles, a donation from 2 Japan Rotary  Clubs, for distribution to those in need of inexpensive and health[y]  transportation". This project was such a success. Mr. Graham continued by saying,  "...amazingly, all 280 [bicycles] were claimed in one day. Simply amazing, and it shows  that there is a need. We hope to try and bring in another load of  bicycles in 2012."

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