The Fourth Branch Interviews Writer-Photographer, Floyd Takeuchi.


Floyd K. Takeuchi is a writer-photographer who specializes in Hawaii and  the Pacific Islands. He has traveled to nearly every corner of Oceania,  and worked as a journalist in many of the islands. His experience  includes serving as a reporter at the Pacific Daily News on Guam, and  managing editor of The Daily Post in Fiji. He has also been a reporter,  editor, radio and television anchor and publisher in Hawaii and Japan.  He also worked in Washington, D.C. as a senior staffer for a Member of  the U.S. House of Representatives. Floyd was born and raised in the  Marshall Islands, and his family also lived on Saipan for nearly 20  years. His most recent work is "School on The Hill". A narrative and  photographic illustration of Xavier High School.

The  Fourth Branch Iterviews Floyd Takeuchi, a writer-photographer of the Pacific islands, the interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Universe Yamase.

Provided is Mr. Takeuchi's audio and video recorded interview (please excuse the ambient noise):

Video recording:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3