The Fourth Branch Interviews International Educator/Political Activist: Vidalino Raatior


Vid Raatior is a product of the Chuuk public school system. He started  at Houk Elementary School, continued at Wei-Pat Junior High School, and  he graduated from Chuuk High School as a member of the Gifted &  Talented program. He went on to the University of Guam (UOG) where he  received a  bachelor’s degree in media communications. He then joined the Jesuits  and studied Ignatian Spirituality at the Jesuit Novitiate in Palau,  philosophy at Fordham  University in New York, and theology at the Jesuit School of Berkeley  in California. After leaving the Jesuits, Vid went on to receive his  masters degree in school administration from the University of San  Francisco.

            His work experiences include: Associate Director for the Center for Multicultural learning at Santa Clara; Onsite Program Coordinator for the Youth Together Project at the Arts, Research and Curriculum, Inc., in Oakland, CA; Director of Campus Ministry, Assistant Director at XHS and teacher; Chairman of Interscholastic Sports Council in Chuuk; member of the planning committee for the Student Take Over Chuuk (STOCA) and the committee for Close Up Foundation; Associate Director of the Campus Ministry Center at UOG and Guam Community College; Community organizer in the capacity of Cultural Education Specialist for the Compact Impact Office out of the Governor’s Office in Guam.

            Currently, he is the Assistant Director for International Programs at Santa Clara. He is the founder of Atawe Design, a web-designing venture that helps NPO’s in F.S.M. He is the creator of Chuuk Reform Movement, a Chuukese citizen-activists website. He is the President and co-founder of the Outer Islands Partnership. He is also the founder of the Santa Cruz WordPress Meetup.

The   Fourth Branch Iterviews Vidalino Raatior, International Educator and Political Activist. The Interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Universe Yamase.

Provided is Mr. Raatior's audio and video recorded interveiw:

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