The Fourth Branch Interviews FSM Consulate, Honolulu (Henry H. Shrew)

A Xavier high school alumnus of '91, Henry Shrew continued his academic career in UH Hilo. He later worked for the Kosrae state government for over 6 years. He continued his service at the national level in 2007. He worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs. He became a Foreign Services officer in Honolulu in Feb. of 2009. Currently he is the acting Consul General in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

The Fourth Branch interviews Henry H. Shrew, the acting Consul general of the FSM consulate in Honolulu Hawaii.The interviewer from the Fourth Branch is Russell Thoulag.

Provided is Mr. Shrew's audio & video recorded interview:

Video and audio recording:

Part 1