Part 2 of this series of articles will center around the commission's newsletter entitled: "The End of the Compacts: What All Chuukese Should Know".

Our subject, "Making Sense of an Independent Chuuk" will be a series of articles centered around newsletters, videos and other materials pertaining to the subject of "Chuuk Independence".

Part 1 of this series of articles will center around the commission's newsletter entitled: "Beyond the Compact". CPSC newsletter, March-May 2014.

The Chuuk Future Political Status Commission held a public hearing in Honolulu, Hawaii to inform the public about their recommendation for the state of Chuuk to seek an independent status from the FSM.

The Chuuk Future Political Status Commission (CFPSC or CPSC) launched a second initiative to educate their citizens on their recommendation for independence from the FSM. 


This is a non-scientific poll that reflects the opinions of poll participants. 

To add context: this article is a response to another article that was published on the University of Hawaii's, Ka leo, Opinion page. The title of that article is, "Turtles: Friends or Food?". Please visit the page to read the article: "Turtles: Friends or Food?".

A group of young men from the Neighboring Islands who live on Yap Proper are training to compete in that Micronesian State's Island League Basketball competition

I was approached with this statement and was asked to respond to it: "most Chuukese women don't strive for better jobs". My short and serious answer is

I'm honestly tired of political agendas. You can be the greatest talker in the world, make so many promises, and buy the people off with promises of what to do when you are in office or out of office or etc. But the truth is simple

Yesterday’s Climate Summit brought us the greatest assembly of world leaders to discuss climate change. It also featured Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner of the Marshall Islands as the civil society representative.

We had the opportunity to reconnect with Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. Follow along as we talk education, poetry, identity, and her future goals.

nterior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina today announced more than $300,000 in coral reef initiative grants to American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), and Ulithi Atoll in

We were fortunate to have had the honor of interviewing Summer Olympics hopeful and Micro Games medalist, Giordan Harris of the Marshall Islands.

Suicide is a sensitive subject to have in most Micronesian communities. So I apologize for bringing this troublesome topic to the fore. With that said, I believe it must be discussed so as to understand it and hopefully


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