Palauan Artist & Entrepreneur, Anthony Watson.

Anthony Watson (with unfinished art-piece)     Mr. Watson is an aspiring artist & entrepreneur. He is currently studying Art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Oahu. He was born in the U.S.A. but was raised in Palau. He is a graduate of Xavier High School in 2001. He attributes much of his art to an innate propensity that was cultivated with his exposure to the diverse cultures of Micronesia.

     We take a look at the subject of art in Micronesia. Is it a skill set that has been ignored in the islands of Micronesia? In the case of Mr. Watson, can we use art as another avenue to introduce foreign peoples to the cultures of Micronesia?

     Mr. Watson beleives that art is still there, and we need to use culture to "comment on modern life". Our customs have a great wealth of knowledge that we, "should not dismiss but pursue... and learn from it."

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The Office of E.E.M., FSM. On Sea-level Rise

By: Universe Yamase
Edited by: Otis Aisek
Photos provided by: EEM
(December 2011)

The following interview was conducted by Universe Yamase with Cindy Ehmes of the Office of Environment and Emergency Management in FSM. The office is responsible for assessing environmental concerns within the region and to, "prevent, prepare for and recover from natural and human induced disasters".

The discussion is on the many portents of climate change within the region, namely sea-level rise. The outerislands of FSM have seen the face of this impending disaster and we try to see what our government has been doing to address this problem.

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Executive Director of Education, Chuuk State, Ms. Gardenia Aisek

Ms. Gardenia Aisek from Tonoas, Chuuk
graduated from Sino Memorial Elementary School
continued and graduated from Chuuk High School
1983 - Acquired a  Master's Degree in Business Administration

from San Diego National University.
1985 - 1990 - Taught at COM
1990 - 1998 - Worked at Northern Marianas as the Director of Business & Hospitality
1998 - 2007 - Returned to Chuuk and worked for her family Business (Blue Lagoon Resort) as the Accountant & Manager
2008 -  Ran her own business
2009 - Taught at COM
2010 - Present - Executive Director for Dept. of Education


By: Lucille Sain
Edited by: Mae-Stephanie Aisek

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Father Kelly Yalmadau

By: Universe Yamase



"My name is Fr. Kelly Yalmadau. I am from Falalop, Ulithi, Yap State. I  was ordained a priest in 2009 for the Diocese of the Caroline Islands at  the age of 27. After my ordination, I was appointed to be the pastor of  Queen of Heaven Parish, which consists of the islands of Ulithi, Fais  and Ngulu. After a year of pastoral ministry, I was asked by the bishop  of the diocese, Bishop Amando Samo, D.D., to go for further studies at  the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. I am currently  enrolled in the School of Canon Law at the Catholic University of  America. I will be graduating in two years, Deo Volente, and go back to  serve the people in Micronesia."

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Private Attorney, Kasio "Kembo" Mida, Jr. (FSM)

Mr. Mida was raised in Pohnpei,  Chuuk, and Hawaii. He is the son of  Kasio E. Mida, from Chuuk State, and Ginger  Porter Mida, from Pohnpei  State and American Samoa. Mr. Mida received his B.A.  degree from  Humboldt State University (CA) in 1999 and conducted his senior  internship for the Honorable Chief Justice Andon L. Amaraich, FSM  Supreme  Court. Immediately after graduating, Mr. Mida returned to Chuuk  State and  worked as a teacher at Saramen Chuuk Academy and the College  of Micronesia.

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COM Chuuk Director & Founding Member of FSM Disability Council: Joakim Peter

 (This interview was conducted in late May, 2011)

Joakim "Jojo" Peter

by: Universe Yamase

Joakim Peter is from Etal, Mwortlocks. He graduated from Xavier High School in 1984. Graduated from the University of Guam in 1989 with a BA in communications. He received his Masters Degree in Pacific Island Studies in 1994, then a second Masters Degree in History in 1997.

Currently he is working as the Director of COM Chuuk Campus and he is also the head of the Chuuk Disabled Persons Organization. He is also involved with Friends of Xavier Chuuk (FOX-C), He is on the Board for Xavier High School, Board for Saramen Chuuk Academy, Board for the Chuuk Conservation Society, and he is also a founding member of the FSM Disability Council.

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Singer/Song-writer, Veronica Jean Pangelinan

Veronica Jean PangelinanWe were fortunate to have had the chance to interview Veronica Pangelinan from the island of Pohnpei, FSM. She is a rising star in the music industry. Her music has been aired in the state of Hawaii and as far as New Zealand, Guam, Tahiti and other islands in the Pacific.

Please continue to watch the video recorded interview and/or read her background information:

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Francis X. Hezel, Educator & Director of the MicSem.

Francis X. Hezel

(Interviewed, May 2011)

"I was born in Buffalo, NY on Jan 29, 1939, entered the Jesuits after  graduating from high school in 1956.  I first came to Micronesia in 1963  to teach at Xavier HS for three years, and returned after my ordination  in 1969.  I've been there ever since, loving every minute of it, even  when I'd lose in basketball."

Fr. Hezel is the director of MicSem since its establishment in 1972. Please visit their website for additional information. (MicSem Website)

The Fourth Branch interviews Fr. Francis X. Hezel, educator and director of the Micronesian Seminar in Pohnpei FSM. The interviewer is Russell Thoulag.

Please continue to view the video recorded interview:

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Clark Graham, Educator & SHIP/HOOPS (FSM) Consultant.

Clark GrahamBy: Universe Yamase


We were fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to sit with Mr. Clark Graham of Chuuk. He is active in the community with "SHIP"(Society for Historic Investigation & Preservation) and "HOOPS" (Helping Ourselves: Outreach Programs in Sports).

The discussion covers a wide array of topics; from politics, community, education, race, the youth and more. Mr. Graham was kind enough to also share his experience of living in FSM. From his critical decision to venture to our islands as a Peace Corps volunteer. To his eventual decision to call Micronesia home.

Below is an edited transcription of our audio-recorded interview.

TFB = The Fourth Branch.
CG = Clark Graham.

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TFB interviews Wesley Simina, Governor of Chuuk and Candidate for Chuuk's At-large

Wesley Simina


The discussion started with a brief explanation of executive politics at the state level. Governor Simina offers a look into his daily schedule. We then lead into Chuuk's current issues such as eductional reform, improving the health department, employment availability, financial deficits and more. We close on his candidacy for Chuuk's at-large seat.

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The Fourth Branch Interviews: FSM Supreme Court Associate Justice Dennis K. Yamase

"The Hon. Dennis K. Yamase is an Associate Justice of the Supreme  Court of the Federated States of Micronesia.  He is a 1982 graduate of  the University of Hawai’i Richardson School of Law, where he was a  member of the school’s law review editorial board.  During and following  law school he served as an intern, law clerk, and/or attorney for the  FSM Supreme Court, FSM Congress, and the Supreme Court of the Republic  of Palau (ROP).  His other legal experiences include serving as:  the  Senior Senate Legislative Counsel, Senate of the Olbiil Era Kelulau (ROP  National Congress); the Executive Secretary, ROP National Code  Commission; attorney in private practice in Honolulu, Hawai’i at the law  firm of Dandar, Manuia & Castroverde; the Deputy Legislative  Counsel and Legislative Counsel, FSM Congress; the Special Legal Counsel  to the ROP Vice President/Minister of Administration; and the  Executive  Director of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands  (CNMI) Law  Revision Commission.
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The Fourth Branch Interviews Singer/Song-writer Lubei Cavin (aka Sistah Lubei)

Lubei, aka Sistah Lubei, is originally from the Republic of Palau, a small island nation in the Pacific Islands. Lubei blends a unique sound, filled with style and edge. Her first album placed her a nomination as the upcoming new artist of the year category at the Hawaiian Music Awards in 2007. She has been the opening act for heavy hitters such as Gregory Isaacs, Morgan Heritage, Mikey Dread, Freddie McGreggor, Don Carlos, Ma'acho & The Cool Connection, NAS, Hot Rain, Tempo Valley, and endless local bands from Hawaii. Lubei is one of the most well versatile female artists in Hawaii's music scene today. She is currently recording a second album that will be out for release this year.

The Fourth Branch Iterviews Lubei Cavin, singer/songwriter from Palau . The Interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Russell Thoulag.

Provided is the video recorded interview:
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The Fourth Branch Interviews Writer-Photographer, Floyd Takeuchi.

Floyd K. Takeuchi is a writer-photographer who specializes in Hawaii and  the Pacific Islands. He has traveled to nearly every corner of Oceania,  and worked as a journalist in many of the islands. His experience  includes serving as a reporter at the Pacific Daily News on Guam, and  managing editor of The Daily Post in Fiji. He has also been a reporter,  editor, radio and television anchor and publisher in Hawaii and Japan.  He also worked in Washington, D.C. as a senior staffer for a Member of  the U.S. House of Representatives. Floyd was born and raised in the  Marshall Islands, and his family also lived on Saipan for nearly 20  years. His most recent work is "School on The Hill". A narrative and  photographic illustration of Xavier High School.

The  Fourth Branch Iterviews Floyd Takeuchi, a writer-photographer of the Pacific islands, the interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Universe Yamase.

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The Fourth Branch Interviews Deal Fair Store, General Manager: Rowena Aisek

Rowena Aisek is a citizen of Chuuk and a graduate of Xavier High School in 1995. She received a BS in Criminal Justice, emphasis in pre-law from Chaminade University of Honolulu in 1999. She continued at Chaminade and acquired a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice in 2001. Currently she is the General Manager of Deal Fair Store in Chuuk.

The  Fourth Branch Iterviews Rowena Aisek, the General Manager of Deal Fair Store in Chuuk.

Provided is Ms. Aisek's written interview:

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The Fourth Branch Interviews the RMI Consul General: Noda Lojkar

Noda LojkarMr. Lojkar was born on Kwajelein atoll in the Marshall Islands, and grew up in Ohio. After receiving a degree in Political Science from UC Irvine - California, he returned to Kwajelein to work for the local government. He then worked as an army liaison between the Marshall Islands government and the U.S. army. The Marshall Islands government then hired him as a representative to the U.S. Army base on Kwajelein. Mr. Lojkar was appointed consul general to Honolulu in 2008.
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The Fourth Branch Interviews International Educator/Political Activist: Vidalino Raatior

Vid Raatior is a product of the Chuuk public school system. He started  at Houk Elementary School, continued at Wei-Pat Junior High School, and  he graduated from Chuuk High School as a member of the Gifted &  Talented program. He went on to the University of Guam (UOG) where he  received a  bachelor’s degree in media communications. He then joined the Jesuits  and studied Ignatian Spirituality at the Jesuit Novitiate in Palau,  philosophy at Fordham  University in New York, and theology at the Jesuit School of Berkeley  in California. After leaving the Jesuits, Vid went on to receive his  masters degree in school administration from the University of San  Francisco.

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The Fourth Branch Interviews F.S.M. S.S. Administrator: Alexander Narruhn

Alexander R. NarruhnA graduate of Xavier High School, Alexander Narruhn received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, emphasis in Legal Studies; Master of Arts in Management from National University in San Diego. He is a certified Paralegal under the American Bar Association - University of San Diego. Currently he is the  Administrator for the FSM Social Security Administration; Chairman for the Board of the FSM Banking and Insurance Commission; Secretary of the Board for the FSM Petro Corp and Member of the Asia Pacific Association of the Fiduciary Studies.

The Fourth Branch Iterviews Alexander Narruhn, the Administrator for the FSM S.S. Administration. The Interviewer for the Fourth Branch is Russell Thoulag.

Provided is Mr. Narruhn's video recorded interveiw:
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The Fourth Branch Interviews FSM Athlete Keitani Graham

Keitani is a graduate of Xavier High School. He also attended Punahou School in Honolulu. He continued his academics at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. He started his athletic career at Xavier, joining track and basketball. His athletics have taken him to the FSM Games, Micro Games and the South Pacific Games. He participated in decathlon and currently does wrestling. Asides from sports he is the executive director for SHIP/HOOPS (Society for Historic Investigation & Preservation/ Helping Ourselves: Outreach Program in Sports). 
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The Fourth Branch Interviews FSM Consulate, Honolulu (Henry H. Shrew)

    A Xavier high school alumnus of '91, Henry Shrew continued his academic career in UH Hilo. He later worked for the Kosrae state government for over 6 years. He continued his service at the national level in 2007. He worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs. He became a Foreign Services officer in Honolulu in Feb. of 2009. Currently he is the acting Consul General in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

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The Fourth Branch Interviews Deal Fair Hawaii (Midasy Jr Aisek)

 Mr. Aisek is a Chuukese citizen. He graduated from Xavier High School in 2000. He received his degree at Chaminade University of Honolulu in Business Management & Environmental Studies in 2004. He is an entrepreneur in money transmittal for the state of Chuuk, for citizens living in Honolulu Hawaii.

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